Routine servicing has many benefits including:

Servicing & MOTs

It is important to service your vehicle on a regular basis as this will extend the lifespan and increase the performance. Keeping your vehicle in tip-top condition under the bonnet, will save you time and money in the long term.


We can carry out diagnostics on most vehicle makes and models using our up to date computer equipment. As modern vehicles have an increasingly complex computer system on board, our mechanics are highly trained in diagnosing problems that may be electronic or mechanical.


If you need an exhaust repair, a part replacement or a complete exhaust and catalytic converter replacement, we will provide you with professional advice, great choice and low prices.


We supply budget to prestige batteries. We can provide batteries ranging across all leading brands and manufacturers.


Large selection of premium tyre brands and models at competitive prices as well as a full range of budget tyres to suit every vehicle. We use the best quality equipment to fit and balance your tyres, so rest assured, your vehicle is in safe hands.


We can service or replace the brakes on any make or model of vehicle and can access the widest possible selection of brakes, regardless of shape and size. We also have the ability to recondition your existing brake discs, saving you the cost of buying replacement discs.

We also provide Car Valeting, Recovery, Classic Car Transport & Relocation Transport. Contact us for more information.